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Fluency activities


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I am looking for ideas to use in my Literacy Centers that would increase my students' fluency. They are in the center for 20 minutes. Any ideas?


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I went to a fluency workshop not long ago, and the best thing I saw was partner reading. They have to be trained how to do it, though. One partner reads a passage to another. If they miss a word, the partner tells them the word, the reader repeats it, then rereads the whole sentence 2 times. It sounds monotonous, but it really works! Let them switch reading every 5 minutes and it helps to break it up some.


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craft sticks

I have a large can with jumbo craft sticks in it with long phrases I've printed on them. The students pick from the sticks and practice reading the phrases. These phrases are ones that you see in reading all the time. For example, up in the air, a number of people, Did you see it? , part of the time,
I have around 100 of these sticks. I'm not sure where I found these short sentences and phrases. Sorry.

Mrs. G

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Whisper phones

Keep a group set of Whisper phones at the center and some grade appropriate books for them to read into the whisper phones.:p


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Fluency help

Scholastic has a book of poems that are to increase fluency. The book also has poems for buddy reading, choral reading and one other section. The kids love them and practice with them in the poetry station as often as possible.


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books on tape

I do a project with my kids where they and a partner or two choose a book and practice it and practice it for fluency. When they can read it really smoothly, they get to tape themselves and make a tape. I put the bag and tape inside and either put it at a listening center, or let kids check it out to go home for a night. They love it, because they get to decide how they'll take turns and how they'll do the page turn signals, etc...



I have short songs and tongue twisters that I copy onto an overhead and use this to help with fluency. I remind my students that singing is reading and that we probably woulndn't like many songs if they were read slow and choppy.


fluency phrases

There's a Fry's list of phrases. I'm using the Houghton Mifflin Reading program. Some teacher from up north(in California) made lists of fluency phrases from each of our stories. There are 6 themes and 3 or 4 stories in each theme.