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In our core curriculum it states a child should read 60 wpm. We do guided reading so I figure kids should be at a level g (at least) Anyway, I have two kids in my class who read very, very slowly one at level i and one at level g. The level i can read the books I give her she just is so slooooowww. Anyway when I tested them they scored very low. I do shared reading, reader's theater etc all the things that should help with fluency. I bought the book a fluent reader, and am doing everything I can. Any other ideas, especially what parents can do to help their child. I know for sure the girl's one will be very worried, so any ideas I can give her at p/t conf. would be appreciated. Thanks!


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sight words
practice re-reading stories that she has already read
hearing fluency (being read to)
Flat out instruction in fluency such as bring attention to punctuation and mood when reading. "How would Sally have said that in real life?"

Does she know you time her? I have had some kids that LOVE the idea of being times and want to see their time get faster and faster. They love charting it and seeing the lines go up and down (for errors). Just a thought...I've also had kids to freak when they know they are being times, those are the ones that I hide the stopwatch :)


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slow readers

Wow! 60 wpm seems high!- our goal for first grade is 40-50. I have kids do repeated readings. I have stories that they can read. After the first reading the parent or teachers aid tells them the words they missed and marks what they missed on the paper. They also count how many words the child has read (correct)and marks that. Then they read the same story again - doing the same as the first time (except in a different color of ink) Repeat for a third time using a third color of ink. Kids get a kick out of seeing how much faster they go each time. I would also do a folding in of sight words. This will help them build fluency on the words they can't sound out. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!


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What about recording her and playing it back for her so that she can hear herself? That has been effective for me. Also, level g = level 12 in DRA terms and where I am at, our kids must be at level 18 (L) by the end of the year. However, we don't do words per minute. :) Hope this is helpful.


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At the bottim of my class website are some attachments that might help you. I have a list of words per minute expected at each grade level and some passages (2d grade level). If you need 1st or 3rd grade level passages just email me from the link on my webpage and include your email address. I will send them as an attachment.