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Flying with my small dog


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This summer I am planning on flying from Nevada to South Carolina with my chihuahua. This will be her first flight and I'm kind of nervous. She is great in the car so I'm hopeful.

Can anyone suggest a pet friendly airline, or some tips on traveling with your pooch?



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traveling with dog

We have a miniature schnauzer. I never dreamed that we could fly with him until we saw one on our last flight. They had a small carrier which I didn't even know existed. After checking I found them--even at WalMart. It looks like a small carryon bag but has mesh to allow the air to circulate. As long as it is a small pet--it's just treated as a carryon.

We were traveling Allegiant Airline.


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I have never flown with my dog but I just learned from my friend who is currently on a plane with her dog that you do need medical clearance for your dog from a vet. I think the certificate has to be given within a certain number of days of the trip.
Good luck!


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Fiver is right - you have to get clearance before you can fly. Tell your vet that you're flying and he/she will give you what you need. When you check-in at the airline, you'll show the form (that the vet gives you) and pay $50. Make sure you have a bag like Liketeaching was talking about - the airline will tell you what size for their plane. If you get the mesh one, you can be sure it'll fit because the top will "squish" down if needed. I put Daisy under the seat in front of me so I could see her, and she did fine! I think the rumbling of the plane puts most of them to sleep. I did take her out of the carry-on when we were in the airport, but I kept her in my lap.

I think we flew with Delta (it was 2 years ago), but I would call your airline ahead to make sure of what their policy is.


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Also make sure your dog is used to a carrier before attempting to fly. You don't want her freaking out because of the confined space.