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foldable study carrels


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I discovered this forum a few months ago and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and suggestions! So I'm hoping there is someone who could help me with directions or guide me to a website that explains how to make portable study carrels that students can keep in their desks. I thought I saw a recent post but I was not successful in locating it. Thank you!!


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I bought mine

From Reallygoodstuff.com. They are really nice and I plan to buy some more soon since I'll have more students this year.


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I used poster board

I cut it in half, like two hamburger buns. (I hope that makes sense to you :) ) Then cut one of those pieces in half again, making three pieces. Then using packaging tape, I taped them together. I also numbered them so that the kids would be less tempted to get creative on them. This will be my third year using them and so far, so good.


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mini offices

I tape 2 file folders together using packing tape. If they treat them well, they will last all year.

Dee Dee

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use project boards

I got cardboard project boards from Dollar Tree. I cut them in half so they are not so tall and they are the perfect size now. They are the kind used for science fair project displays and they are already in trifold form. Check out Dollar Tree. You might be lucky and still see them there.


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Thank you for all of your quick responses! I never thought of using the project folders and just cutting them down to size. I guess my concern is that the folders aren't too floppy so the students have trouble getting them to stay on their desks. Your ideas will certainly help me get started and I will also check out the website too!


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I also used the ones from really good stuff. They worked great and will easily last at least one more year. They didn't fit in my kids' desks-- I just kept them stacked behind a bookshelf. I would call them by number to take one off the top when I wanted the whole class to use them. They could also take one if they felt they needed it during work time. By doing so, they were agreeing that they would not be talking to their neighbors:rolleyes:.

I saw that really good stuff has smaller ones now that fit in desks, but I think they may get beat up faster.


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They wouldn't fit in desks, but here's what I do. I use those small foam interlocking "puzzle" mats. When my kids need them, they grab three from the shelf, and just interlock them together to make a three sided box shape, and stand them on the desk. They work great!



Where did you find the small foam interlocking boards? I have seen some at Sams Club but they look to be too large for what you are suggesting.