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Folk tales, Fables and Tall Tales


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This is the first year fourth grade has had to teach these. Does anyone have any favorite stories or activities for any of the above? I was thinking about getting a few of these for Christmas...!!! Websites and ideas for mini lesson ideas would be great, too! I am looking for anything!:D Thanks!!

Mrs. G

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Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed is one of my favorite Tall Tales. When this was part of our curriculum we would read several versions of the story and have the students do Venn diagrams to compare and contrast the stories. This activity will work with any of the tall tales. We also wrote our own tall tales, then published them by having the students take a long sheet of construction paper and accordion fold it. They would write the story on the accordion folds and it was used as the body of the main character in their story. Then they added a head and feet to the top and bottom of the paper. These were really cute displayed on our bulletin board. :p


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Folktales, Fairytales, etc

Evan-Moor has some great books............EMC756, EMC757, and EMC758

We read a story and try to pick out the elements that make the story a fairy tale, or folktale, etc. I did an online search to find the identifying elements of each of the different genres. The books also have questions for comprehension and vocabulary.

Hope this helps!