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I'm super excited - my family is going to fondue for Christmas! We did this years ago with family friends, but now they are divorced so we stopped doing it. But I told my mom I missed it, so we've decided to try it again this year. Do any of you ever fondue? If so, what do you make? We are going to do a meat one and then a dessert one. Any suggestions? Thanks! :-)


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chocolate fondue

Just make sure to get very high quality chocolate, the darker the better for me... If you have to thin the melted chocolate, make sure to use a drop of milk and no water as it will make the mixture grainy... Serve with a variety of fruit; my favorite are strawberries, kiwi, mango, banana, grapes ( although quite tricky to spear with a fork!!!), mango.... Have fun:)


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We've done fondue on Christmas Eve for the last 6 years or so. When I was growing up we did fondue on New Year's Eve quite often.

Be sure to use electric fondue pots! They regulate the heat far better. The fondue pots I bought years ago had some great batter recipes for meat and sweet recipes like chocolate - check yours. I also found recipes on the internet.

Make sure you have enough pots for the number of people participating. We usually have about 8-10 people and used 2 pots. Too much food in a pot at one time will decrease the temperature of the oil, take a longer cooking time, and result in greasy food.

For meat, we've used shrimp, chicken, and elk with a few different types of batters.


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we love fondue!

My husband and i are a big fan!:p besides fruit i also love pretzels, angel food cake, marshmallows, cookies (like shortcake and sugar). Almost anything can be improved by chocolate! (don't forget to read the directions, the often say to add oil to the chocolate!:)