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for hifiman...real or fake....adult version


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Are the "girls" real or fake? If fake, why (if you want to share)

I shared below, mine are real.Old, but real :)


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Real for now

one never knows once they start heading south I may change my mind. :D Never have had a need for bigger ones. However, after my second kiddo I shrunk a cup size! :eek: DH was a little disappointed! LOL


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lol! definitely real, can never see myself willingly going under the knife, let alone just to change the way I look. Plus I think it would freak me out to have something "extra" in me that was not part of me originally.

I am surprised at how many people I know who do have fake girls... I just assumed everyone thought the way I did, except actresses and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... lmao ;) silly me.

Alicia G

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But not much.

After four kids, they look tired and tiny.

I just got my annual mammogram and a few weeks before I called for the appointment and the lady there did the pre-registration over the phone (ie. she couldn't see me!!). She asked the usual questions including "do you have implants?" I had to laugh. I would've said, "does it look like I have implants?" if we were face-to-face (or face-to-whatever). Ha ha. Instead I simply said, "Why? Are you running a special on them this month or something?" She had to laugh then.

When my dh got home from work that day, I told him, "A lady I've never met asked me if I had implants today?"

He had to laugh too.



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My girls are real. I'm afraid they're gonna look like grandma's soon, reaching down to her belly. :eek:
Gonna have to get mine "perked-up" before then... :o:D:pLOL;)