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fossil ideas anyone???



I am wanting ideas on fossils to begin my rock unit.
Any ideas????


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Petunia In Kansas

Someone posted ---bake cookies and put mini chips, choc, cherry, butterscotch, pieces of nuts, and raisins in the cookies. Give students a toothpick to dig out the rocks and etc.

Snicker candy bars can be used to show the layers of the earth.

A hard boiled egg. Cut in half. Put a red hot in the center of the yolk for the hot core, yolk, white layers and end up with the shell = the crust.

I have a lesson on the computer if you or anybody else wants I will share, e mail me and send an e mail address that I can attach to I will share.


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making fossils

Put some clay in the bottom of a small paper cup. STick in a shell (nice side up) or small plastic dinosaur. Rub vaseline on the shell. POur in plaster of paris. Let dry and remove the plaster. There will be a fossil print in it.




When we study dinosaurs, we use playdough. (Purchase the ones in the mini packs and then eveyone has their own. Works great and they last for years!)
I show the students how to roll their playdough in a ball and then how to carefully mash it down so that it is still raised enough for a good impression, but no longer a ball, and flat on the top.
We take small plastic animals (in our case, dinosaurs, but anything would work) and carefully press the animals down into the playdough. They carefully lift it out and then we compare what they have made to a real fossil.
They love it so much that we pass around different types of dinosaurs and they make several, each time rolling and flattening out their playdough.

I have also made plaster-of-paris handprints (like we did when we were kids) for "their" fossil. Makes a terrific Mother's Day gift at the same time.
Hope that helps............Enjoy!