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Fourth Grade ELA Help!

Language Arts | Writing 


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Hello! It looks like I will be moving up to fourth grade next year and teaching only ELA! I’m so excited. I taught third grade last year but guided reading took a back seat across the grade level due to other grade level issues. So I’m looking for guidance when it comes to a solid fourth grade guided reading model. Can anyone share with me their ELA block, including how you do centers, etc? Also looking for help with writer’s workshop!

Thank you!

Maggie Thomp


I am only a second year teacher but last year I taught 4th grade Reading with a primary focus on guided reading. *Also the writing portion was with a different teacher so my rotations did not have the ELA part built in however this year I moved schools and will be taking on both so I am adjusting. But My guided reading worked off of 5 centers that were level based. Each group had a color. I had a 40 minute guided reading block with 2 rotations. Each group had a bin that had the the work for that day. 1. Teacher Table, 2. Practice of our whole group lesson for reinforcement 3. Dictionary/Spelling Skills stations (This station was something we did all year because they were VERY week skills for my students) 4. Review Skill (Selected and rotated) and the and 5. Independent Reading this did take quite a bit of planning however when i put the effort in ahead of time it worked like a gem. I would post a daily rotation on my power point and the students would know that when the timer went off the captain of their group help facilitate the next activity and another would put away the previous activity. The other group members would stay at their station. This cut down on the crazy in between groups and let me make any notes I needed from my previous teacher table group. Again I am just a second year teacher so I am in no means an expert but these are some of the things that I learned at the fountas and pinnell PD so I hope this helps some. I will be following this thread to see what others say too :)