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Fourth grade Expository Writing samples


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I am looking for samples of expository writing for my students, who are learning this style of writing. I would love to find samples that students have written but will settle for some that my lower performing students can read and understand. Any thoughts or suggestions of where I should look for such samples? I have tried googling "Fourth grade Expository Writing samples" but have only come up with a few things.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions with this. Thanks in advance for your comments.

P.S. My students are required to write about a business they would like to start, stating reasons, details and facts. They are only required to write 3 paragraphs.


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Scroll to the bottom, and click "Writing Fun". Then click "Explanation". It'll take you to a page about expository writing. If you click on the "1" at the bottom, it has a sample of one where they talk about inventing rocket shoes. The other numbers have higher level examples. :)


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Washington State Tests

I just found some of these last night online. I googled in WASL writing assessments and if you scroll down to anchor set annotations, they have multiple copies of student papers--even scored for both conventions and content which was very helpful to me. It would probably help your students as well--then they could see what a 1, 2, 3, and 4 paper looked like.


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Thanks for posting those resources. I'll be needing them soon.
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