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Fred Jones Behavior Management


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I am attending a Fred Jones Behavior Management seminar tomorrow morning and was wondering if anyone is familiar with his methods. I googled his name and came across his web-page but I didn't find the info I was looking for on his web-page.

Does anyone out there use his method(s)? If so, do they work?

I am having problems with my fourth graders following directions and classroom rules. I need all the help I can get at this point, so any infor is appreciated.

Thanks and wish me luck.


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Fred Jones

I am jealous! I read Tools for Teaching over the summer and was all excited to set up his model of behavior plan in my classroom this year, BUT...well you know how it goes. 10 weeks have gone by and I haven't been able to get it started. It's the whole PAT time thing...I can't figure out how to keep tabs on that for 5 separate classes in middle school.

I thought his book had some great ideas and I would love to go to one of his seminars so I could ask questions and have a more hands-on experience with his methods.

Please post and let us know how the seminar goes!


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Seminar Was Great!

The seminar was wonderful but I feel so badly because I wasn't able to apply ANY of the techniques that I learned over the weekend. I was calm during the morning but by the afternoon, I was raising my voice and lost it, i.e.. screamed at the students<!--misspeak-->.

I would like to use the PAT to help motivate my students but I will have to read the book over the holiday weekend and figure out the best way to use it in my classroom.

I will definitely have to practice the 6 second turn, Queen Elizabeth face and deep breathing!! I hate that I am raising my voice, nagging and yelling.

I highly recommend attending a seminar and/or viewing the DVDs.


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I would take Fred Jones with a grain of salt, IMO. Not everything he recommends works (as with most programs) and those that do are mostly "common sense" things we just need to be reminded of. One major sticking point with me on Fred Jones: he is not a teacher, nor has he ever taught. He is a psychologist who studied teachers. To me, there's a big difference.



Sour Puss

You sound like a sour puss. Lots of people are teachers who aren't in the classroom.


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It works

I have used his methods and they work! You have to have a positive attitude and you can't give up when things don't go well. You have to keep trying and keep tweeking your methods.

I have seen other teachers using some of his techniques in action and have seen good results.

I have read his book as well but I really want to go to a seminar. It's 2 hundred dollars which is a small price to pay to learn a better way of managing.

Just like we tell the kids, we all make mistakes and the purpose is to learn from them, not give up.

This guy may not have "all" the answers but he has some of them :)