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free homeworkopoly rewards


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What are some free prizes that I could use in my Homeworkopoly game? Right now spaces like "Reading Railroad" means you get to choose a new book from the class library any time you want instead of just after recess or lunch like normal. Also, "Snack Depot" means you get to bring an unhealthy snack for nutrition break instead of a healthy snack, "Water Utilities" lets you keep a non-water drink at your desk, "Electric Company" means you get to decide if we have the A/C on that afternoon, "Pencil-vania Railroad" means you can sharpen your pencil whenever you want, and "GO" means you get a raffle ticket (usually given out for good behavior) for the weekly drawing.

Any other ideas for my community chest and chance?:)


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  • eat lunch in the classroom (maybe w/ a friend)
  • use a roll-y chair for the day
  • 5 bonus pts. on the assignment of your choice (not tests)
and I'm out...:confused:


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These are the rewards I use for the Chance and Community Lunchbox cards:

buddy lunch
cool pencil
use teacher's chair at desk
sit at teacher's desk
chew gum in class
earn treat for entire class
use chair cushion for day
teach class for 15 minutes
use eraseable pen for one day
sit anywhere for one day
read to a first grader
be a helper in a kindergarten classroom
take home a class game for one night
You choose! (student has choice of any above reward)


10 points on an assignment
5 points on a spelling test
Treasure chest choice
Mystery Prize (my choice, whatever I have that day)
Mechanical Pencil
Capri Sun (The love that at the end of a hot day)
Icecream at lunch
First pick at class jobs
Line Leader
Extra computer time instead of morningwork (we only have about 15 minutes, so no biggie)

I have a few more, but that's all I can think of right now. Hope they help.


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Homeworkopoly Rewards

These are my chance cards:

Brain Binder - I read a Brain Quest Question, if they get it right, they get a sticker from my sticker box.
Take a book home from my library (must be returned the next day).
Choose a Mystery Prize
Choose a Prize from the Prize Box
Get on the Bus - Their piece moves to the bus, nothing else happens.
Move to GO - They get to choose a sticker from the sticker box when they pass GO.
Get One Sticker
Free Homework Pass

These are my Community Chest Cards:

Give a friend a compliment.
Make a picture for a friend.
Make a bead pin for a friend.
Give your classmates a high five.
Make up a new celebration.
Help out a teacher.
Help out in the dining room.
Read to a younger class.

I hope this helps you out!