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Free Jeans Day


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Does your district ask you to donate to charities so you can wear jeans? We are asked to pay $5 for each Friday we wear jeans. I gladly support many charities but for some reason this irritates me. Some times we are given a free jeans day because our students score at high levels on district tests. That seems like a small reward for major achievements. Maybe it smacks of treating us like the children we teach. Must be getting grumpy in my old age. Yep, that's it. I'm officially grumpy.
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That would bother me, too. It's an unspoken rule that we can wear jeans on any Friday...free of charge! :D


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Students and staff can wear jeans only on half day Fridays. On other Fridays, our school clubs sell "jeans passes" for $1 or $2. You get a sticker to slap on your jeans. I love wearing jeans and am happy to support our drama club, student council, groups raising money for field trips, etc. I think I might feel the same way if the money were in support of the Humane Society or breast cancer. Just my opinion!

Lady Teacher

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Wow! I can wear jeans any day that I want. There is no rule. I tend to wear them on Fridays and go a little dressier the rest of the week but I can wear them any day.


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We have a professional dress code at all times. We all wear blazers daily. That said, I'm happy to donate my $5 to whatever student group gets to sponsor our jean days. I don't think wearing jeans to school is professional on a regular basis, so unless there's a good reason [like raising money to go to DC, NYC, and on college visits].


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We can wear jeans on Friday. We can donate $40 dollars a year of $5 a month to wear jeans on Wednesday. <!--leaves_fall-->


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I can wear jeans any day, and frequently do.

I'd be extremely irritated with the practice of requiring us to pay to do so. I also don't understand why it would be ok to wear jeans on certain days (Friday) and not other days. This makes no sense to me.

dooley teach

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We also can only wear jeans on "Jeans Day." Since the students wear uniforms, they must also pay a $1 donation to wear jeans. Today, in fact, is one of our few "Jeans Day." Any other day of the week we must wear "professional" clothing and the students have a strict uniform dress code to follow.


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We pay....

We are allowed to wear jeans on payday Fridays only. We need to pay $3.00 by Thursday of payday week. If we are late and decide to wear jeans but didn't pay then we owe $5.00. We can pay for the year at the beginning of the school year. The price is a bit steep to me, but since there are some weeks where jeans help the week go by faster then I will pay. Our money at the end of the year gets split up between different charities.


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We can wear jeans on payday Fridays for free. If we want to wear jeans on the alternating friday, we have to wear school colors or "spirit wear". I am all for fostering school spirit and most in my building wear school colors every Friday.


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We used to get to pay for jeans days....but this year they implemented a ZERO Denim policy. :mad: I don't want to wear them everyday, but it would be nice every once in a while to get to wear them.


I am...

glad I don't have to pay to wear jeans. We can wear them whenever we want. I wear jeans everyday. They are nice and kept in good condition.

You would think with all the other stresses out there that they could relax on the whole jeans thing.


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we can also wear jeans any time we want....but i tend to only wear them on friday with a school t shirt for spirit. i would not like to have to pay to wear them....even if it is for a good cause. i would rather just donate to the cause. if they made me pay to wear jeans i would not wear them just to be spiteful. i hate that kind of stuff.


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No Jeans

unless we pay. And that only happens twice a year. We have a lot of spirit days when we are supposed to wear certain colors. I get annoyed at being told what to wear. My school is not very staff friendly. If they were a bit more flexible with the staff, while still having high expectations, then the school climate would be better.

Ima Teacher

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Until last year, we could wear jeans any time we wanted. Last year they became unprofessional. Then we were allowed to wear them on Fridays if we paid $1. I didn't wear them last year because I think that if they are unprofessional on Monday-Thursday, then they are equally unprofessional on Friday. This year I've worn them a time or two. The thing that gets me is that the "jeans police" stop by during class time to collect money and highlight our names on a list.


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I think that if they are unprofessional on Monday-Thursday, then they are equally unprofessional on Friday.

I agree, and this is why paying to wear jeans or only allowing them on Friday makes me angry. I would understand if the school adopted a policy of "no jeans" with the idea that jeans were unprofessional.

But if they allow jeans on some days, and/or make you pay to wear them, then it's obvious that it's less an issue of professionalism than it is of control. I would chafe under a system of someone else deciding day by day if I can wear jeans or not.

Who me?

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I don't know what I'd do without my jeans. I wear it once a week. Last year however, I had a group from he!! and was always tired and irritated so I wore jeans daily. I just didn't want to dress up or even bother with it.
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I know of a school that the principal insists that the staff wear the uniform colors (blue and white) but they can't wear jeans. So a teacher can't wear black dress slacks and a colored blouse yet can wear blue sweatpants and a white t-shirt. The staff is in fear of her so they go with it. Now, would you rather see a teacher wearing dress pants/blouse in any color they choose, or blue and white sweats?


The 'jeans police' is one of the craziest things I've ever heard of! Is this person a paid employee? Tax payers should rebel. Teachers should rebel. I know there are a lot more important things the 'jeans police' should be doing. I remember one day our ap came into each classroom just to see if anyone wore jeans. Really ticked me off. AP gets paid more than we teachers but has the time to check for jeans.

Moana Mel

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I think paying to wear jeans is a strange thing, for reasons already stated. I'm so glad we don't have that policy around here! I had never heard of it till I joined PT. $5 a week is pretty steep too.

Who me?

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I know of a school that the principal insists that the staff wear the uniform colors (blue and white)

Our super tried that, and teachers called the union in two seconds. Hehehe. He backed down real quick <!--sing-->. Love my union.


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Jeans for Jesus

The Catholic School by us does Jeans for Jesus..LOL It cracks me up! As for us, we can wear jeans every Friday...WOOHOO


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If I wanted to wear jeans every day, I could. There is no dress code in my state. If you impose one, you have to provide a clothing allowance or a uniform.
If I wear jeans to school, it is usually on Friday when we wear our team shirts during football season.
I really don't think that jeans are professional dress, but are nice to wear when doing messy stuff in the classroom. Mine are in great shape.


A lot of business charge to wear jeans. On a professional note, unless you are on a field trip or have a very, messy project, you should be dressed like a professional, not a slob.