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frustrated with parents

cincy teacher

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Why is it that parents always want to blame us for everything? On Tuesday we were getting ready to do a social studies activity so I asked the students to get out their books. One student told me that she left her book at home. I told her it was okay because she would be working with a partner and to bring it tomorrow. Wednesday we were going to continue the activity and I asked the kids to get out their books. Same student tells me that her book is still at home. I told her that she would miss extra recess if she didn't bring it back. She tells me that she would return it on Thursday (today).
Today her dad came in to talk with me just as school was starting. (Don't you hate it when they want to have a conference when you should be in starting your day?) He told me he did not understand why I did not allow students to look in desks to see if someone else had her book. She told him that I had helped other students find their books when they were lost but wouldn't help her. Am I missing something here? She didn't tell me the book was LOST. There is a big difference between at home and lost. I explained this to him and his response was that he thinks she is intimidated by me. No, what she did is lie to her parents. He continued to stand there and make excuses for her going home with one story and telling me something else.
June just can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I had a child tell a parent once that I never allowed them to take home books. Parent called irrate to yell at me about this policy. I told him straight out that was nonsense and who would ever believe such a thing. He calmed down and said she misunderstood because she never lied. Who said anything about lying? I am so tired of parents believing everything out of their child's mouths.


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Isn't it crazy how parents will believe the kid version of events over what an adult tells them is true? When I was a kid (now I'm starting to sound old), my parents always asked a teacher about anything I said that sounded "bad." Guess who they believed - the teacher.


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My parents always believed ...

the teacher over me. Now my students' parents always believe their children over any theacher. They know it and twist it to their advantage. They even have the federal government behind them. God protect the next generation of teachers. If things don't change, they won't have a prayer.


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How true? I have three kids and always took anything they told me about school with a grain of salt. Today anything a teacher says or does gets twisted around. The other problem is with admin. Until they get a backbone and stand up to some of these parents, our words will always get twisted and the children will always be right.

cincy teacher

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If only they knew

what monsters they are creating! I guess I'll look on the bright side~only 6 more weeks to go and then her lying is no longer my problem.


here's mine

I had two students get in a fight. When the fight broke up, one of the fighters discovered that the zipper pull on his Starter jacket had come off. He went home and told his mom that I pulled it off. The mother was angry with me. Never mind that I didn't do it and it most likely came off when he was fighting.


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I have one even worse..

I teach k so we take a nap everyday. one of my students (and I never figured out why) went home and told her mother that I allowed a boy to molest her during nap time and didn't do anything about it.

The same kid also stuck a rock in her ear and told her parents a boy threw the rock across the room during nap and it landed in her ear.

i think she and her mom watched way too many sopa operas.