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Frustrated with Supt.'s daughter!!!



My Supt.'s daughter has free roam of the school, classrooms, offices, and any room she wants to go into. She has been seen carrying around keys that she proudly announced goes to the main doors of the building. In the mornings she goes into the Teacher's Lounge (where NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED). She's even been caught on teacher's computers after school hours, as well as, playing with the secretary's stuff on her desk and answering the phone after school hours! Her father thinks she does NO wrong and treats her like an adult, even though she is only 10 YEARS OLD!!! If we have any kind on contest that has winners picked through the "office", guess who wins one of the placings? This has got out of hand. Twice a teacher has mentioned to him something that his daughter did that wasn't a big deal, but yet, not right, and he got very defensive and let us know by his actions that we better not complain about the "Little Princess". He has created a monster and nobody wants her in their class. Sorry this is so long, but we as teachers in this building are sick of this. What can we do!!


Do not...

be scared of him. Treat her just like you would any other child. She should NOT get special privileges. If he threatens you or does anything out of the way, contact your union. He is using his position to be a bully and it is not legal. If every teacher is tired of it, EVERYONE should tell her "no" when she needs to hear it. Band together. He cannot do anything about it, or he could be sued. I am not saying pick on her, just treat her as if she is any other student. If she is somewhere where she shouldn't be, kick her out. TAKE THE KEYS AWAY FROM HER and give them to the principal. If she does not earn a reward, she does not get it...PERIOD.


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Not the first time!!

When I was in 5th grade, in an unconditioned school, the Super's daughter was in my class. Ugh. I remember the teacher sitting her in front of the oscelating fan, which was not oscelating. We were all hot, and she was just as cool as a cucumber. Never mind the other numerous unfair episodes.

Will she go to another school next year for 5th or 6th grade? Bye-bye Little Princess...

oh my

evasive action

Password protect your information on your computer.
If you are not sure how to do this yourself there should be one tech savy teacher (or one with a tech savy husband) who can walk you through doing this.

If you get "princess" in your class, make that the year you have whatever medical procedures you need and have been putting off.
Go easy on yourself. Give her all A's. Remind yourself - she really is a genius and you just don't recognize it.


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just for fun idea

Could she win a contest where she'd win a free trip far far away! Think of the fun you could have thinking of where to send her. I am thinking a school for crocodile wrestlers. Seriously, unless you are going to retire you need to discourage any contact with this child. It would be great if everyone would treat her as any other child but I doubt everyone will.
Good luck and avoid her majesty.


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I left a private school because of this

"princess" just got too much. She was very imature and since mommywas the director, and preread all report cards that went home "princess'" got edited by mommy. I lasted one year and I left to sub in a public shcool. If it's a public school please go to the Union as this behavior is breaking contact in so many ways. If not and you can, flee....


How about

an anonymous letter to the school board outlining all of these facts - especially that she has keys to the building!!!!


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oh my!

I don't know your principal or his/her style, but since it seems to be a school-wide problem, I think it's the principal's job to talk to your superintendent!!