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Fun Survey, RE: House


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What does your house look like?
I'll answer first:
Ours is a 1948 cape with pretty slate grey vinyl siding. It is two floors, living room, all purpose room and a kitchen and bathroom on the main floor. The second floor has two bedrooms a bath with shower and a large walk in linen closet.
When we bought the house five years ago. it was pretty much in move in condition. The walls and celings were already painted, newly finshed hardwood floors. The kitchen and baths have a pretty ceramic tile. The only thing we had to was replace the furnace and the oil tank, and the hot water heater.
I have the place the way I love it. Whenever someone comes over, they comment on the coziness of its decor. I feel like I'm coming home to my safe haven.


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Your's sounds so nice and cozy! We haved lived in our house 20 years. It has gone through many changes over that time. We are currently gutting the kids' bathroom. It's a one story log house. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and dining room on the front and combination family room & kitchen in back.


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Our house

We bought our house in May and when I saw it on the internet, I knew I wanted it.

It is a 1921 2-story Craftsman, dormer window house. It has a huge front porch and a nice patio in the back. The downstairs has a living room, family room/office, a full bath, kitchen, dining room, and one bedroom that is my husband's band room. Upstairs has 3 bedrooms, another full bathroom, and an attic storage room. We have a double lot and live next door to a beautiful park and directly across the street from the public library. The location is so convenient to everything in town.

Our house was "move in ready" but we still have work to do. I want to gut the kitchen and remodel the downstairs bath. I want to add ceramic tile to the bath, kitchen, and laundry room and add new wood floors (the floors are pretty but uneven- 86 year old house). We will refinish the laundry room (used tot be a back porch) and I also want to landscape and paint the rooms warm, earth tone colors. We will also change the siding and paint the foundation.

I love our house


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Cookie Cutter

Ours looks like all the rest of the ones on our block! LOL The joys of building cheap homes in north TX!

We built it in 02, very simple one store brick

Nothing super fancy, but has enough sq footage for us to live with our growing family.

Almost 2100 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths.

Super tiny backyard, but we have a deck/patio covered pergola with a nice retaining wall and crepe myrtels (sp) lining the back.

Still need to paint a few rooms, but love the kids rooms DS is cloud painted airplane room and DD is a blue with a pink gingham.

Need ideas for my family room walls? I have denim furniture and want sort of a country rag doll theme. Anyone have color ideas and willing to drive to TX and help me paint???? LOL


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Our house

When we bought our house 16 years ago, it had only been lived in one year. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style with a two car garage, front porch with railing, and a tiny deck on back. It sits on a double lot. The living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen are open. There's a vaulted ceiling in the family room. When our kids were in high school we converted the garage into a three room area, with a large gameroom, bedroom and office. A couple of years ago, we added a large deck on the back, adjoining the small deck that was already there. We knocked out the back wall in the family room and put in french doors that open out onto the deck. We've bought a new furnace/air conditioner, and put a privacy fence around the back yard. I absolutely love our house. The only drawback is that the busy highway runs right by us. We have the corner lot, and the empty part of our double lot is between us and the highway. It's very loud, but we've grown used to it.


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I will get the keys of my new home ( mine, not rental, hehe..) in 2 weeks. Not the house I would have built but the best I could afford. Quite small but in very good condition. It looks a bit like a townhouse, but on a pretty nice sized lot in a very small town. However, what I like a lot is that the garage sits right at the end of our narrow garden, so I wont park my car in it. We'll paint it, put an electric heater in it, a basketball hoop on the outside wall and the kids can have the run of it.. No more answering the doorbell every ten minutes and I'll listen to MY music as loudly as I want:)


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Our house is a 2 story brick--square footage 3000. Our master bedroom is downstairs. Now that the kids are gone we mainly live in the 1st floor. When the housing market improves, we plan to sell and buy something smaller and 1 story.


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I see you live in Connecticut, which is a place we're considering relocating to. Your house sounds dreamy, something I'd be looking for. What city do you live in and how's the teacher market?


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Single Story

We just moved into ours in mid May. It's 1,800 sq ft. and is in a cul-de-sac in a very quiet neighborhood. It's your run-of-the-mill stucco tan with brown wood accents. The front yard is beautifully landscaped and has lots of ivy and various plants on the slope facing the street. We have double doors in the front that open into the formal living room. Then entry way has marble flooring. Immediately off to the right is a very large stone fireplace that rises all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. This is actually two fireplaces. One faces the formal living room, the other faces the family room. The fireplace serves as a divider between the living room, dining room, and family room.

The wall between the dining room and kitchen has a very large cutout. In this cutout is a custom made wrought iron...thingy? I don't know what you'd call it, but it lets you carry on a conversation from the two rooms. The kitchen has all black cabinets and stainless steel built-in appliances (well actually the fridge is not built-in). The counter top is a light granite. In the center is an island painted black with a black granite top. I can't remember the name of the flooring, but it's some type of stone that starts with a "t."

The family room is very small and has Pergo flooring, as does the hallway for the bedrooms. We have 3 bedrooms. One is our son's, the other serves as our office. In there my wife has a huge corner desk with shelving that goes nearly to the ceiling. I use an oak rolltop desk. We had the closet converted into a built-in bookcase with lots of deep storage cabinets on the bottom third. The guest bathroom is pretty large. It has a tile floor, double sink vanity with a new solid core formica top. The shower is covered in some type of decorator tile with an ugly gold colored shower head, and faucet.

We have a double door for the master bedroom. It's pretty unexciting, but the master bath is made from that same Italian stone I cant remember the name of. It's accented with green marble, and it has a very unique glass door.

The backyard is mostly a steep slope on two sides that rises about 12 feet or so. It's pretty nicely landscaped, but one side looks a bit rough. I think we've got some plants interfering with the sprinklers, plus that side is mostly in shade. Recessed into the slope is a new 7-person hot tub that gets lots of use by the two of us.

I really love our house and a our neighborhood. It's such a change from where we last lived. I still feel like I'm in someone else's home.


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Territorial style

That's big here in NM. It's stucco, but looks like adobe, with the vigas (beams) coming out of the front of the house, with a flat roof. It's one story, and in a U shape. The kitchen, dining room and family room are at the bottom of the U while the bedrooms & bathrooms are on one side of the U, and the den/home office are on the other side of the U.

We bought it more than 20 years ago. Since then, we have put in new windows, put on a new roof, redone the deck, put in a sprinkler system, restuccoed- twice, put in 2 new French doors, painted- twice, put in a woodburning stove, recarpeted, and gutted the kitchen and the large bath down to the studs in the walls!

From our picture window, we can see the mountains. It's a great view!


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Two story, tan with green shutters, colonial style house, on a half acre lot in a subdivision for us....10 years old- we just moved into it in June. It had not been cleaned or vaccuumed for 2 years! It is going to take us a long time to get it the way we want it. It has a huge eat in kitchen, formal dining room, a good sized living room and half bath downstairs. It has a two story foyer. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bonus room. Two full bathrooms. I like the upstairs because it has a catwalk or gallery style hall way- one side is exposed to the entry way of the house. We love the house and will adore it when we get it fixed up. I think I realized over the summer it is going to take a lot longer than I thought- but DH still thinks that it will be done in a few months. (I am the handyman in the family!). We did not know when we moved in that the garages in our neighborhood were all built for smaller cars and none of us can fit both cars inside our garages!


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We're not in a house, but an apartment-style condo. What's cool about it (since we're both teachers) is the building is a converted elementary school<!--schoolhouse-->. Our condo is 1100 sq. ft., one bedroom and one bath. We just (like, Wednesday) finished a big project that involved knocking out the walls between three very small, dark closets to make one big closet/small office. The living space is mainly done in browns and deep reds. Our bedroom is a soft green with deep red accents.

Now that we've redone all of the paint, put in new kitchen flooring, and gotten lots of new furniture, our old carpet looks pretty bad. But it covers the living room, hallway and bedroom so it's going to have to stay for now.


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Ours is all Chicago-style brick with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. It's a one-story with a 2 car garage + golf cart storage. It was built in 1994. Nothing too fancy - stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling in living room, several French doors and bay windows, and laminate flooring in the hall and living room. We're hoping to turn our attic into a game room for the kids, but we can't find a carpenter to do it! I'm not a decorator, so it's very simple in that area.

We like it, and hope to stay here a while. :)


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Cookie Cutter as well...

When DH and I were looking for a house before we were married, I wanted to live in a subdivision so badly, so we decided on a house in nice subdivision where there were lots of kids playing and in a good location. With that came the cookie cutter style house, but I love it and love our neighbors.

Although I would love to live on a big piece of land in the country, right now I am happy with what we have. It's our first home and hopefully a place we will be when we start a family. I wouldn't trade my neighbors for the world, so I guess we'll stay until they start leaving!


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We live in a split entry (split foyer). Upstairs is the main living area--living room, dining room, kitchen, three beds/two baths. Downstairs is a bedroom, family room, bath/laundry, garage. This house plan has worked for us so well over the years! When kids move back home they can have the downstairs bedroom (LOL).

We have totally renovated over the years. Our latest projects have been installing hardwood over the upstairs and downstairs bedroom, completely remodeling the kitchen! Most of the projects we have done ourselves (except for the two projects I just mentioned). Our best project was adding a screened in porch!

We live in the "country" in a subdivision. The country is fast changing to suburbian influences.


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We have been in our house 10 years (bought it new then). It is a 2-story with a total of 5 bedrooms. Four (including the master) are upstairs; guest bedroom down that the boys have their Playstation, tv, etc. in. Downstairs is a living room, dining room, huge kitchen with a huge island (it is great for DH that loves to bake and oldest DS going to culinary school), tv room, laundry, bathroom, and the extra bedroom. Upstairs, including the boys' rooms and ours, is another bath for them and our bathroom. Our bedroom has double doors. We painted the house (inside) about 4 years ago but we didn't do ours--need to do that. :rolleyes: Outside we have a good sized-yard with a built in pool (which is the norm here in Arizona). We are a block away from my boys' school (although only the youngest is in grade school now). DH and I will probably sell it in about ten years when youngest DS is in college and look for something smaller. I would like to move back to Chicago but that probably isn't going to happen.:(


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That's it!

My memory is going big time. Yesterday at Costco I used my debit card for the purchase. Five minutes later I was at the Costco gas pump and I couldn't remember the pin number for the same card. I tried three times and was rejected for too many attempts.


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Our house is a split level 1970s brick house. My DH bought this house (before I knew him) from the original owner. There was alot of fixing up to do! There was a cheap carport in the driveway, a home-made sunroom and an elavator! The entire interior of the house was yellow! There was yellow flowery wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms, yellow walls in the living room and even the rot iron stair railing was painted yellow. There was dark brown panelling in the finished basement and yellow linoleum everywhere. Needlesstosay, this house has seen quite a transformation. We took out the sunroom and put in a deck. The elevator is now gone. The kitchen has been completely redone. Floors have been replaced. Bathrooms have been updated (except the master....its still yellow tiling...but it is really not that bad). I love this house but it will always be my DH. We need a house together. We plan to start looking a year or so when the market might be stronger.


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we rent, so unfortunately, this is not our house, but....

we have a 2bdrm, 2 bath house (bottom level, another similar house is on top), very very large bedrooms and living room, great kitchen with double oven, bamboo flooring and nice tile throughtout. It is on a farm, so tons of fresh fruit around, and lots and lots of land around (very private). The whole back wall of the house is basically windows/sliding glass doors, and we have a killer, unobstructed, ocean view with a fantastic ocean breeze. Fabulous weather, lots of greenery, basically a great piece of property. Too bad it's not ours ;)