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Functional Texts


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Does anyone have a great website or source that they use to review functional texts with their class? (recipes, maps, schedules, etc.) If so, please share.


functional texts

I try to highlight a different type of functional text every few weeks. I bring examples to model. We make charts of common criteria we notice on the menu, brochure, schedule, etc.

Then I invite the students to bring in the text we are focusing on, whether it's menus, brochures, etc. We continue adding to features charts, and the students' functional texts go into baskets labeled menus, brochures, etc., which the kids can choose to read during independent reading time.

Also, if I need to pull a small group to work on functional text, the baskets come in handy for that...

Once we move on to another type of functional text, the kids of course can continue bringing in their examples. It is great for ownership!

When I go on vacation, I scrounge around at restaurants and hotel lobbies for freebies in this area, too! My goal is to organize a functional models binder with tabs, clear sheet protectors, etc.

Hope this is helpful!