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Funniest parent question ever



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We had back to school night last night. One of our K teachers was asked "Do you provide free babysitting so I can come volunteer in the classroom?" <!--eyebrow-->:confused:LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL


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Writing on the wall...

This parent will call the school in the future when her children act up so that the school can "fix" them.

I've had the older iteration of this. Child is (insert an out-of-control behavior). We don't know what to do. Will you talk to the child?


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That is funny! Although as a parent, maybe not a bad question. It does seem like schools are asking for more and more volunteers to help out, if a parent doesn’t have to take off from work, they most likely have younger children these days..

I once had a parent ask me is when I was teaching math, could her son choose to do something different if he wasn’t in the mood for math.


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Parent request

I get that this is a crazy request in the sense that most places don't. However, at least she asked which indicates she understands she shouldn't bring another child while volunteering.

On another note, when I was at my last Catholic School, it was very small. They had an extended care/day care or the half day pre-school kids the other part of the day. Parents who were volunteering could bring their child for an hour or two to be watched for free. It helped get more volunteers.


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Depending on where you live there is a lot of talk of universal preschool , extending the school day , and yes day care at the school sites . I'm afraid the mention of child care will be highly misinterpreted before
it is clarified.

Also we have childcare available for special parent meetings (sped.) (ELL) provided by the sped. aides. But no we don't provide daycare for volunteers.


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I once had a parent ask, in all seriousness, if I would come to their apartment and put the student to bed because he wouldn't go to bed for them. This was after I had already declined to keep said student after school until 5:00pm and tutor him. I shook my head for weeks after these questions.


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Help putting their child to bed!

Over 20 years ago, when I taught 2nd grade in a previous district, a parent called me at home (not sure why I'd given her my #) to ask if I could help her get her child to go to bed! :rolleyes:


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This is so old a post that it’s probably too late to be seen, but I have to add my story.

I taught 3 1/2 year olds for 9 years in the same center. I had a boy who was quite the little problem but I tamed him. His parents would ask him on weekends when he was out of control for them: What would Mrs. F say about what you’re doing? They had so little control of their young 4 year old that they had to invoke my name to get him to pause in his misbehavior.


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My friend headed up the PTA/PTO at her school, and they provided a "volunteer room" for parents with younger children. They could come and do things like cut out laminating or staple booklets - and there was a play area in the room for the younger kids.