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Funny story



I recently told my students that I'm expecting a baby in October and that I will not be back next year. Even though they were sad to know that they won't see me around, they were so excited!

Today, in the middle of a test, a student comes up to my desk. She asks me (dead seriously) "Mrs. S, can you drink caffeine when you're pregnant?" I said, "Well, doctors say that a little bit is OK, but I'm choosing not to." Then she says to me "Because I plan on being a coffee drinker when I grow up and I need to know."

A student who was eavesdropping turns around and says "Why don't you try tea? Or you can go decaf."

Sooo funny!


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That is too funny! Kids can say the darndest things can;t they. We really should compile these in a book.


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My daughter

My six year old daughter just said last night in the blessing before our supper "Please God bless me with cute babies when I grow up." So funny that she's already thinking about this! :)