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Well after reading the posts awhile back, as I myself am in the same situation as the poster- a house covered in hair constantly- I bought the FurMinator. We have 2 hairy dogs and a hairy cat. I just finished using it on my cat and I think I took off enough hair for another one of him!!! Not only that but he loved every minute of me brushing him. He was purring and just laid there while I brushed him. I am amazed. I am sure it will help cut down on the amount of hair- and his nasty hair balls!!!! Now for the dogs!!!!


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I have one too and can't believe how much hair I get our of my pets. On the downside, my lab sheds worse after using it. I can brush him for hours and it seems it increases the shedding. On my other pets it doesn't create this effect -just on the lab.


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That's funny that I found this post today. I was in a pet shop last weekend and saw them for the first time. There is NO WAY I was going to pay the price they were asking ($55.00 for the medium one). I ended up finding one on ebay and purchasing it for 20.00 + shipping for the medium size.

OH MY GOODNESS! I got enough hair off my dog to make another dog! I am SO excited about this thing! Poor Buddy may be bald by the time I'm finished with him! :)