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Garden Theme


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I'm very interested in doing a garden theme, but I don't know where to start. I want flowers, bugs, butterflies,...What else can I get? I also don't know what can of names I can use for my boards. This will be for a bilingual classroom, so of them have to be in spanish. Any ideas?


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Great theme

A green carpet would be cute to look like grass. Then if you could find pillows with flowers that would be adorable. That might be a little much for the boys so add some frogs, worms and bugs too. You could do the BB in green as well with a flower border.

Flower Power
Everything is Coming Up Roses
Our Garden is Growing Knowledge


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The mention of earthworms made me think of those ant farms that you can buy. The kids would probably love to see the ants crawling through the panes of plastic!


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Garden theme

Definitely have some seedlings started by your students to give it a real garden feeling! In the past I have put a grass edge along my boards with butcher paper. Cutting the butcher paper into strips half way down will give it that 3D look. I had a random heater pipe (not used) extending from an old heater to the ceiling. I wrapped it with green butcher paper (again, it was a broken heater!) and added some oversized green paper leaves. We added ladybugs from our Grouchy Ladybug theme. Caterpillars, because of their body parts, are always convenient to use with contractions, equivalent money values, etc. You can also easily add vegetable names, colors, etc. The garden is so perfect to label for your students. You have so many science components you can include! Have fun with it!


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I did a theme one year... "At the Garden Gate" - cute picket fence bb
*Grow a butterfly garden, then in the spring raise and release butterflies
*Aimes had a great activity where you grow a bean in a baggie taped to the window...