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garlic smell in fridge/freezer - help


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A few weeks ago I minced a bunch of garlic and kept it in a ziplock bag in the fridge for one week. I've used up all of the garlic, thrown out the bag and my freezer still smells like garlic. Even after two weeks of the bag being thrown out! The ice and water even taste like garlic! I have emptied the ice bucket completely and started fresh. And everything still has a garlic taste/smell.
Any suggestions?


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Activated charcoal

If nothing else works, get some activated charcoal from the pet store/section. That took the horrible smell out of my freezer when all the meat defrosted and spoiled. Oh that was a smell. <!--yuck-->


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Baking soda does wonder, but you could also make a solution of vinegar and water (3:1) and wipe down the inside of the fridge. You could also sit a small bowl of vinegar in the fridge for a few hours and see if it takes the smell out.


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Every few days put fresh newspaper in each compartment. Be sure to throw away the old newspaper. It absorbs the smells. I would also clean off all the surfaces, use baking soda and coffee grounds too as pp suggest. My sil had a freezer full of meat decay in her camper for a few weeks because she had not been around. The news paper trick got rid of the awful smell. And was it awful!