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Anyone have any opinions on the Gazelle. I had a baby not too long ago and have the extra weight to loose. I cannot afford the gym, and the cold weather is here. I am looking for something to do while watching my DH is watching tv and the children. I have the opportunity to buy the Gazelle for $50. My MIL swears by it. What do you think?


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I like it

It is a good work out. It works different areas depending on how you lean into it. My only complaint is that my meter thing that tells how many calories you burn, the time you were on and at what speed you were going broke or only works intermittently if it stays facing up toward the ceiling. Other than that it is great.


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also like it

It gives a great cardio workout without stressing knee joints. Mine is the Elite with resistance shocks so I can make it a really tough workout if I want to. It's well worth $50, we paid about $350 for a refurbished one. The basic model is $100 new.

What the other poster said about the meter thing - it has to be put on the center bar correctly for it to work. There are magnets that need to be in a certain position. Changing a battery in it can be a challenge, but I took mine apart again (when it did what the previous poster said) and put it back together right, and it was fine.


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We have the basic model, and I don't think it gives a good workout. If you can get the better model with resistance, etc. for $50, you should, but save your money if it's the basic model. I can't even work up a sweat on that thing, and all it seems to work is my calves.


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just finished...

my first workout on the gazelle.
Before I tell you about my experience, you have to know that I am not physically active and I am overweight<!--grumpy-->. I walk my dog everyday for about 25 minutes and that's about it.

So after walking my dog I just went on for 10 minutes (recommended time for first timers who are not active). I really worked up a sweat. So if I can keep this up, maybe it just might help me lose the weight (that is if I don't give up). I did find that the arch of my right foot was bothering me and so I wanted to quit earlier but I think I'll try a different shoe and see if that helps. Maybe I have flat foot problems.