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Geometric Shapes


New Member
Hi everyone,
I am in the process of teaching 2D shapes to students
1st -5th grade. I have searched the internet for a list
of the general geometric shapes, and came up with
different lists. Is there a set list of shapes you
teach? I found circle, square, diamond, rectangle,
hexagon, octagon and pentagon. Does this list sound
right? I want to teach these shapes incomparison to free
thanks for your input!


Junior Member
Sounds Great!

Yes, that sounds great, and don't forget triangle!
After they master these, I usually follow up with organic shapes like clouds, milk spills, mud puddles, tree foliage, etc. I explain that some shapes don't have names, but are created in nature. They love playing with string or paint to create their own shapes!
Older students can be taught:
and that sometimes they overlap!

You sound like a wonderful teacher, FNA!
~Happy Art-ing!


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edible shapes

edible shapes add a fun touch to a lesson. Square crackers or Ches cereal, Circle cereal, rectangle, crackers, Triangles Doritos chips, for odd shapes, cut the shape from a slice of cheese, or bread