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Germ Simulation Activitiy

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Hello I have been searching the internet for an activities I learned about in college (6-8 years ago now) that some people in one of my classes used to demonstrate the spread of germs. I don't remember much. Everyone received an envelope and inside were different colored papers. I think we had time to talk to one another and then the facilitators of the activity made us stand up and after a while you saw how no matter what color paper you had you were standing and exposed to the germ in some way.

Obviously with the possibility of going back to school, I think teaching how germs spread is a good idea. The activity I've seen the most to demonstrate this is using the lotion/glitter and I would rather NOT do something like that in lieu of the current situation.


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Germ spread activity

Fill two balloons with glitter. Blow them up and tie off.
First ballon: stick a pin in it and pop. Glitter goes everywhere.
Demonstrates zero protection.
Hold a piece of poster board in front of second balloon. Pop it. Demonstrates how germs won’t spread.


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Glitter germs

I used to do an activity with my class to show how germs spread. But my custodian hated me for it!

In the morning before kids arrived, I would sprinkle super fine glitter in high touch, high traffic areas. Periodically during the day we would check hand, feet and body for glitter. It was amazing how the glitter spread. Germs spread in a similar manner.

Reminder, my custodian hated this activity!<!--giggle-->