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Getting my feet wet.



Hi subs:

You seem like a nice group of people. I have a B.S. in Social Policy. I started law school last fall but realized after that first semester that I really had no interest in being a lawyer. Now I'm not sure what kind of career I want, but I have always been curious about teaching. Do you think I should try substituting to see if teaching is a good fit for me? Also, does anyone know what you need to be a sub in Louisville, KY? Credentials, etc?


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Give subbing a try

I know what you mean as far as not knowing what to do. I think subbing it a great way to see if you can be a teacher. Not only do you get to teach but you can sub for many different grades and maybe even try P.E., Art or Music. That is one thing about subbing one day you might be subbing in elementary and the next day you might be the Music Teacher. I'm not sure about subbing in Kentucky. I would call the school administration office for the district. They could give you an idea.


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It's a hard way to earn a buck

If you think you have an interest in teaching you should definitely give subbing a try. If you find pretty quickly it's not for you I wouldn't force the issue. Subbing can be a really tough way to earn a buck. I just don't think it's worth doing unless you plan on pursuing a teaching career.

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I don't think that subbing is necessarily the best way to see if you'd like to become a teacher. So many times, the students will not treat you the same as if you were their teacher. And having your own room is much, much different than stepping into a stranger's. Usually, people who sub want to become teachers and are already going to college for it. Or in many cases, have a teaching degree and are looking for full time employment. With your background, would you be interested in teaching HS government classes (Honors isn't too bad) or Business Law, etc.???


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I agree with the last post. Subbing is a hard way to start, scarey, challenging, and can even discouraging. I've had subs that never wanted to come back. This year I have a dream class and I'm lovin' every minute!