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Getting new student tomorrow!

Carrie in WV

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I am very excited to be getting a new student tomorrow! The boys in my class are thrilled (it's a boy--now we have 10 boys and 13 girls) and the girl who started in January is thrilled because "she's not the new kid anymore!!" :)

I just found out at lunchtime (I bumped into his family in the office when I went to use the phone) so the kids voluntarily took their own recess time to make his "spot" and gather books together.

How do you all welcome a new student in? It can be very intimidating at this ago--5th grade. I always try to review a lot when a new student comes, just to make sure they are with us...our math program is excelerated and that seems to be what new students struggle with the most. Any suggestions as to what we can do to bring him up to speed this late in the year?


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New Students

At the beginning of the school year our school counselor "trains" School Ambassadors, whose job it is to show guests around the school. I got my first "new" student just last week, (our testing week...poor kid), and my 2 Ambassadors were thrilled to finally use their training. They were with the new girl all day and within a day or two, you would never have known that she was new.

In the class the new student introduces themself and then asks one general question that the rest of the students answer when they introduce themselves to our newest member of our room. The question might be, What's your favorite ice cream? book? color?, etc.

As far as academics...as I teach overseas on an Army Post, I can get students from all over the place. I assume they are on grade level and then go from there. Luckily...this newest stuent is above! :-)

Hope this helps.