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Getting Older, Feeling Dumber


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I'm trying to learn how to use "garage band" to create a podcast. It's been about 2 decades since I've used a mac, which adds to my frustration. I use to be so tech savy, but not anymore. I feel totally dumb. I just worked for about an hour and a half and ended up with pretty much nothing. I can't figure out how to add the mac that I borrowed from school onto my wireless network at home, so I can't even access the mac help. (I could go to my own computer, but that would mean moving myself, the mac, and two huge cats. I'm thinking that this isn't meant to be.

I love listening to podcasts, so I decided I wanted to make one with my class. I thought it would be relatively easy, but it isn't. I thought I'd make an audio newsletter for my students' families to hear. I'm beginning to think it's a summer project.

I survived part one of Thanksgiving. I really hate it when I look at things like that, but it's how I truly feel. Since my dad died 10+ years ago holidays haven't been the same. Don't get me wrong, my dad wasn't a "jolly old soul," but he did act as a sounding board for my mom. He also kept my sister in line. We struggle every year to have a happy Thanksgiving and happy Christmas, but it's just that, a struggle. I was hoping my new niece would ease some of the tension, but she's only 3 months old. She can't do much, yet. She did, however cry through the entire feast, and sneezed all over my sister's sweater. That was cool.

We're heading to my in-laws today for their Thanksgiving feast. It should be a lot less stressful there. My mother-in-law is a bit overbearing and hugely opinionated, but I know she loves us deeply. I love my sister-in-law and her husband, as well as my father-in-law, so I will look forward to seeing them. I'm sure there will be some fun family hi-jinx going on!

I'm going to try to get a walk in before we leave!

I'll conclude with three things for which I'm grateful:
  • My husband's sense of humor.
  • Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and making it a new Thanksgiving traditions.
  • Circus Boy beer, bottled in Burlington Vermont at Magic Hat Brewery.


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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I love that movie. I always cringe when it gets to the part where they wake up in bed together with the hand between the two "pillows." I like Steve Martin a lot. He has a new book out that I went to the book store to get. I saw that it was out on CD as well. I thought it would be cool to listen to it in the car especially since it's read by him. So far it's really boring. His voice is so monotone and just drones on and on.

You mentioned your dad's role in the family. There was nothing good about my family, but my MIL and FIL are/were like the parents I never had. My FIL died many years back. I really miss him. He was one of those really fun and really irritating kind of guys. I say irritating because he always had a way of taking everyone out of their comfort zone, but he was a lot of fun. The whole family dynamic really changed right after his death.

I rarely do the beer thing since I'm more of a girly drink kind of guy, but enjoy a few Circus Boy beers today.


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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

That's one of our favorite movies to watch this time of year. DH loves it. I am always amazed when he's selling shower curtain rings as earrings. I also love the part when they are riding in the back of the pickup truck, freezing & miserable.


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I hope you had a great time at your in-laws...I can't imagine having ANY fun at mine. We do NOTHING with my hubby's family...they are a little nuts!:eek:

As for the technology piece, hang in there....it can be so frustrating and confusing sometimes..keep at it and you may have it figured out before you know it!

Happy <!--thanksgiving1--> Day!!!



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This is where it stuck

I remembered somewhere I saw something about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. No I see it was on your blog. The powers of suggestion.