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Getting revenge


Junior Member
I recently subbed for a 4th grade school and the day sucked. The kids l rotated from class to class. I was stuck with teaching writing and the kids never wanted to be quiet. It was hard to use a reward system because the students were only with me for 90 minutes at time.

Well, now I'm getting revenge. I took a PE sub position at this school. Since, I've never taught PE I might have to rely on my memories of my football/basketball days some 20 years ago. Yeppers, I think the 4th graders are going to do a lot of running and some calestinics during PE next week.



P.E teacher.. be prepared!

Hi, The important thing is to have a plan. I have subbed for p.e before with not one plan left for me by the coach!, and the children went WILD. Also, our elem. school only has 1 P.E tacher for about 50 kids at a time! very unfair! and I will not do it again! I teach a movement class at the middle school, and have subbed for p.e in high school.. so much better. GOOD LUCK. they don't pay me enough to sub as a p.e teacher in elem. school here.Our elem. school here has no playground, and only a few jumpropes and balls are passed out for the kids to fight over, and then end up in "time out" so they are out of the teachers way.


Police Whistle

I did a 3rd. grade class last year, it was time to take them outside for PE.... A few teachers was hanging out at the picnic table chit chatting paying no attention to their kids (were on the playground)...... So I took out my very loud police whistle to assemble my class, you could feel the STARES & backtalk... I just ignored them & had fun with my class (I was mingling with them, not on the pinic bench).... Bob

PS.. whistle will save your voice....


New Member
A whistle should be part of every sub's travel kit. I picked a simple one up at the sporting goods section of K-Mart and it's been VERY useful from time to time. I have a low voice which doesn't cut through loud chatter easily, so it comes in handy then. I think it also has a "Ok, Ok, we'll start working, just stop with the *** whistle!" effect sometimes. Finally, for PE class there's a useful stereotype that "person with the whistle around their neck=coach" thing that it ties into & helps impart a little more authority.