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"Getting to know you" with buddy (K/1) class?


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Hi there-
I have a grade 5 class, who is just starting to do some work with a K/1 buddy class. I am looking for some kind of getting to know you activity, where they can find out commanilities, but doesn't involve too much printing. It could involve art or something to be posted around the room. PLease let me know of any ideas you have. Thanks!


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Related Information

This doesn't answer your question, but I would like to share with you an activity I have done for years with a younger class. My class is fourth grade. We had first grade partners. After each student in my class was assigned a little buddy, the student interviewed the younger child. They made notes on eye color, hair color, etc. Questions on the interview sheet related to who lived at their house, who in the neighborhood they played with, what they played, preferred snacks and tv programs, siblings, a description of their house, car color, etc. Later my students each wrote an afterschool adventure about the child and his friends. The adventure could be realistic or fantasy. Each 4th grade student wrote a book then with one or two sentences at the bottom of each page and a drawing illustrating it on the page. The drawings were colored with pencils (crayons smudge). Sheets of blank paper were inserted between the pages to keep it neat. The books were sewn on a sewing machine by a mom. The covers were laminated before the stitching. When the books were all completed we took them to the little buddies' classroom, divided into pairs, read the books to them. Then they read the book back to their big buddy. Years later when those little ones made it to fourth grade, I can guarantee you they still had their book and were eager to create one for their own little buddy. Sorry, I just had to share even though it doesn't answer your question.


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thanks, phyllis!

thanks so much for your idea!

my sixth graders are going to be starting buddies with first graders this coming week. i'm going to use your idea--i love it! (i went to a workshop today--state inservices--on publishing your own books by using a template to create tiny books) i can't wait to do this!