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gift for my student teacher?


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I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for a gift for my student teacher. I am not sure on what to give her. Can you share what you got from you cooperating teachers that would be great.

I was thinking gift certificates, and some supplies? What do you think?

Thanks :)

Hockey Fan

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Crate of items

I have, in the past, purchased a storage crate and then filled it with things that a beginning teacher will need (stickers, bell, pens, whistle, etc.)

Each time I have given it I have received comments on how useful it will be when she is setting up her own classroom.


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I'm a student teacher,...

and I think HockeyFan's idea is a great one. You should definitely get him/her something for their first classroom. Another good idea is one of those stretchy-braclet type keychains for their room key.


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When I student taught years ago, my cooperating teacher and the students made an apron for me to wear when we do "messy" projects in class. Now that I teach 4th grade, I don't wear the apron, but I do still use it as a decoration in my classroom. The students each put their name and handprint on the apron, and the year and my name were also written on it.


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I also got a basket of goodies, a gift cert. to a teacher store, and thank you letters from all the kids, and BUBBLE BATH (to pamper myself) It was great!

Mrs. G the P

What I would like...

I will be finishing my student teaching very soon. My cooperating teacher did not give me much feedback, so I would love to receive a nice card with a note of encouragement and support for my future endeavors. Any kind of teaching materials would also be great. From my kindergartners--a group photo with their "signatures" (they have improved so much!) on the back.


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We get the word out to all the teachers in our school when a student teacher is leaving and the school secretary keeps a box by her desk for donations. Teachers either buy something for the student teacher's future classroom or hand in something that they have duplicates of, no longer use or need, etc. Generally, these boxes are overflowing with different gifts and student teachers are always grateful.

Also, I have, with the help of a room mother, videotaped each child in my classroom saying something they'll miss or really liked about my student teacher .. and included it in a DVD that we put together.

The books by Mailbox with hints on what to do on the first day of school, or such books that contain general information about classroom management are also appreciated by someone who is just starting out.

Hope this helps!