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Gift for teacher and principal



I am going to finish my internship in a few weeks. My cooperating teacher, the principal, and the school as a whole have been wonderful. Does anyone have any ideas of an inexpesive gift that I could get for the principal and the teacher. I really appreciate everything they have done for me and would like to thank them with something special. If you are a cooperating teacher was was the best gift you have gotten (not to expensive please, money is limited)


Though I am not a teacher yet, I often find myself dreading those junky gifts I will inevitably receive for years to come with #1 Teacher printed all over. I would much rather get a $5.00 gift certificate to AMAZON.com to buy a new book for my room or something the class could actually use. Try and get something practical, not cute.


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depending on budget...

For teacher:

GIFT CARDS!!!! As a teacher, I love gift cards, monetary value doesn't matter. I agree with the previous poster, if you are going to buy me a gift, I would rather have $5.00 to starbucks, target, bookstore, etc. than another world's greatest teacher mug. Not that I am not grateful, but if someone is going to spend hard earned $ on me, get me something that I will use!

You could get your CT a gift card to a teacher store, a local restaurant, spa, etc. You could also find your favorite children's book and buy them a copy with a nice inscription. Flowers and a nice card are also nice!

Principal, probably the same as above.

I have found in the long run, a nice card with heartfelt thanks are worth more than any gift money can buy!

Good luck!


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More gift card ideas...

I love the gift card idea! If you want to get them something they can use that's fun, what about a movie rental gift card? You could put together a small gift "basket" with microwave popcorn, maybe a soda and a favorite candy/treat?

I LOVE practical stuff. Is there something you can do for the school to show how much you care? Something for the library? I know one parent gave a teacher a gift certificate for Scholastic when the school has the next bookfair.

My resident teacher gave me a bucket with the school mascot painted on the outside. It was full of various supplies I will need for my classroom: flip chart markers that won't bleed through tha paper, sharpies, pens to correct papers, stickers, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for the dry erase board. Is there something that the teacher wants/could use for the classroom that she always is in need of?

Well, these are just some ideas. If you can find that personal thing and write a great thank you note, you are set!