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Hello PT,
What can I possibly tell the parents of these students whose scores get lowered and they are not working up to their potential?

They don't take AR test within the levels they are supposed to.
They take their time with testing, but somehow score low. STAR testing in Reading/Math is the testing I am talking about.

Really don't know what to do with these two students I have or what to tell the parents.

I give them a quiet room, go over what we've taught, tell them to look at the key words, details and to take their time, and still they score low.

Any ideas on this.


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Gifted underachievers

What grade level? Asking this question in all seriousness....could they be bored/unchallenged? It’s work they are capable of doing, right?

Or, do they just not care? Ask parents what motivates child....might help.

I never used AR, but it sounds like they choose test level? Can you assign the proper level?

And tell parents exactly what you’ve posted - “I’ve run out of ideas to motivate them. And I do not know why they are dragging their feet.”


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I know nothing about STAR or AR but...

I've found many kids need some competition (with others or themselves) to get motivated. You could have each child keep their own test data, make graphs of the ups and downs, and set goals for reaching each benchmark score. When they reach the next benchmark, they could earn a no-cost reward (homework pass, extra computer time, etc). You could meet with kids individually once a month to set differentiated goals.
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Are these kids scoring lower on the book quizzes or on the STAR placement test that they do each quarter.

With 2nd graders I've found they sometimes focus on points earned and the number of books read rather than an appropriate level or careful reading. I would show them the TOP section and encourage them to reach their goals in all three categories - 1. Point goal, 2. Book level goal, 3. Percentage right goal.