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Gifts FOR Parents



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cute crafts

I search Oriental Trading for crafts the kids can make. They are usually cute and inexpensive!


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a few ideas

I have done calendars with their art work in the past. Ornaments are always easy. The easiest I have done is give everyone a lightbulb to paint a design on, then I spray it with clear spray paint to seal it. They tie a loop ribbon to the end and wala...an ornament.

Also, doing some sort of memory writing and mounting it always is a fun gift for parents to recieve.


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Check 'Seasonal Collections' for more ideas

I started a 'collection' of posts with suggestions for gifts students can make for their parents.

On the main page in the upper right corner, are the 'Seasonal Collections.' Mine is entitled "December-Parent Gifts". Click on it to see more ideas that have been posted.