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Girls on the run...


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is sooo much fun...woooo! Just one of the many cheers we heard MANY times today! The 5K celebration was AWESOME!!! The weather was PERFECT and there were 300 3-5th grade girls that participated and they ALL finished! There was great sportsmanship and comradorie(Sp?) with ALL the girls...it was so exciting to be a part of it all! Once you finished, it is required that you stay until the VERY last girl crosses the finish line...cool idea! AND you can go back out onto the course and run with teammates to encourage them to finish...only one girl on our team had any steam left to go out and help someone finish....it was a girl we expected to STRUGGLE with even finishing...it was soooooo cool...I had tears in my eyes when she asked me if she could go back out and find "Suzzie"....She had the biggest smile when she and little "Suzzie" crossed the line together...the girls had so many people come and support them...parents, grandparents...it was just amazing...the parents were all so thankful to the coaches for what great things we/the program had done for their child...it was a great Saturday morning!! So next year, our main coach will not be coaching, another coach is going to try to start her own chapter at her own school (our district is 225 square miles, so we have 6 elementary schools very spread out)...another is up in the air about returning and one other will help with the new chapter...so myself and the remaining coach (both our first year this year) are going to coach at my school next year...I am excited, but nervous as this is a BIG committment! But as our motto has been this year "We are all in this together" and our parents have been great!

Now I am just waiting for my boys to get home so we can have some quality time as a family before I go to school to get lesson plans around for next week!



GO CLINT BOWYER!!!!<!--lovestruck-->