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Gloria...I laughed so hard....lol


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I read your post a few minutes ago, about your brother and his girlfriend, and I laughed so hard....sounds like my husband's family.

By the way, I guess everyone thinks I stink...I mean, I asked my husband for the Bath and Body Works gift set, but I got a bath set from my parents, and my in-laws as well...I mean, I suppose I did stink when I had to live at my parents' house earlier this year, and they had to help bathe me, and wash my hair, and all that stuff, and having an invalid potty set up in the living room, because there was no place for one in the bathroom, I'm sure detoured many guests from visiting, (my dad said it was a good way to keep people pests away), and my brother claimed he was "blind" one day when he accidentally walked in on me, using the potty in the living room, so after I finished using the potty that time, I asked him to clean the bowl...he was RUNNING out the door to go to work. (My dad and I got a good laugh about that one.) So, it was pretty apparent that obviously they remembered back to the month they cared for me, and bathed me, and helped me wash my hair, and had to help change my potty chair, when I couldn't take care of myself, and they decided, "we'll send her the hint...she stinks."

My husband laughed really hard, when I said that, and he said, "you know, you might JUST be right."

Gee...thanks alot....I reminded him I KNOW where the rolling pin stays...(he used to have a nightmare before we got married that I would knock him in the head with a rolling pin, and with the track he's going, his dream might come true).

So, the final count is in....Bath and Body Works bath set, Crabtree and Evelyn gift set, and another bath gift set called "method" body...

At least my brother in-law, whose name I supposedly drew, the funny part is, I didn't draw his name, and he didn't draw mine, didn't buy me bath stuff for Christmas. He bought me one of those "lingerie-looking purses".. which my husband was raising an eyebrow to, when I opened that present...I told him he was just jealous he didn't think of it first, and a lot of cool stuff that I'll definitely need...a new organizer, a journal, a tea candle set, and a photo notebox, filled with notes...it was a very thoughtful gift, in other words, and although all of them were, I was glad it wasn't stuff to remind me that earlier this year I really stunk...lol

Take care...
hope you had a Wonderful Christmas...


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My presents were Pj's from everyone, my best friend, my sister and my mother. I sleep alone so who cares what my pj's look like. Apparently they do.

Now if I can just get them to but toilet paper or Tide for me for my birthday. I love having others purchase stuff for me that I hate to spend money on.

Went to Walmart tonight with my sister, she spent $169.00 and I spent $65.00 and only 5 things were after christmas sales. You would think that I have spent enough this week already for Christmas gifts. So what did I buy, toilet paper, tide, clorox wipes, tissues and a blanket.

Keep me Laughing REB,
Happy New Year with health, and prosperity to you and your family.