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Linda B

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I am looking for a nice spring glyph. We did a scarecrow in the fall and it was great. We also did a snowman. Now I would like something spring that could last for a few weeks.

Linda B


Senior Member
Flower Boxes???

What about having them make flower boxes.

I haven't actually done this, so I can't give you specifics.

Flowers (types, colors, numbers of petals, number of leaves)

garden bugs (ladybug, worm, caterpillar)

Color of the box

There are so many parts that could represent different things.


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That sounds fun! We have done just a flower before, but a whole box might be nice for our older students. A friend of mine did a Springh weather glyph. If you were a girl add 3 clouds. If you were a boy add 4 clouds. If you have pets color your clouds gray. If your pet is a dog or a cat, draw rain. If you dont have a pet add .... it went something along those lines--- su, rainbow, lightening, flowers budding, birds singging, kites... she teaches weather and it went along with her unit.