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God and me finishing up 3rd year


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I think I have always wanted to be a teacher. I remember living very close to my own grammar school and every summer going "dumpster diving" for tossed out school supplies. Even then I was a serious environmentalist, I remember thinking, "what a waste, why is all this stuff in the trash?" It wasn't until later that I learned about the trouble with the landfill and lack of decomposition of things added to the landfill.

My mother had said "those who can't do anything else become teachers." which shocked me and needless to say easily convinced me to seek some other path. The path I chose was not straight, but rather took many unecessary turns and twists. Oh, the crazy jobs I held!

At 25 I had my first baby and 29 my second. Both planned I am proud to say! My little girls led me back to my hearts desire for my vocation. I began by doing home daycare, then became a preschool teacher, daycare worker, teachers aide, you guys know the drill. Funny thing, I have worked with children at one capacity or another for the last 18 years, but have only held one permanent position. Lost that due to downturn in enrollment.

God has blessed me in many ways. As a sub I know and love over a hundred children. When I am on campus milling around near the playground or in the hallways I am greeted like a star. You see, I have a reputation.

I am a fun but serious sub. I tend to stir up kids too much, I think. I excite them with my personality, or what I say, and then have to spend time calming them down! But deep down I know it is right, because you must be "on" to learn. I don't want a room full of quiet 6 year olds, that is not natural to me.

For a while I was so desperate about getting my own classroom. Now I just take things as they come and do not get stressed over it. I smile all the time. I laugh with kids and staff. People see me coming and start smiling! It feels good!!! My perspective is different because I am a sub. I can leave just as soon as I button down the room. I can choose to take a trip to Hawaii in March...

God will put me in a permanent position, I have no doubt. When I can't say right now. I am proud to have 3 solid years of full-time subbing under my belt. I am proud to have cleared my credential!!!! I am proud that I am a member of our local reading council, and the California Reading Council. I am proud that I continue to take workshops to improve my skills. I am proud to be a teacher it is all I ever really wanted. I am living the dream!!!!


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Experience counts! Being a mom will allow you to have insights with kids and with parents. That is not to say teachers without their own kids don't have their own sights. But when a parent is wondering "Do I hold my child back in a grade" or something happens in the family you can share your experience and I have found that bonds the teacher with the parent. Being a sub gives you insight that no one else has unless they have been a sub. It is like looking at someone's home and how they handle things. Somethings you like and will do with your own class and somethings you would never do . Yes, God has a plan. Good luck!:)
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You are looking to the right person

He will provide! I was in the same boat, subbing for about 3 years and then I ended up getting a job I love, I am having the greatest time teaching!!! I was broken hearted when I was passed up for another job, but I can now look back and see it was for the best. He knew where He needed me and put me there. Good luck to you!