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Going Crazy! Need Insight!



We took our standardized tests a couple of weeks ago. We
are currently waiting for results. How do you keep from
going crazy? I walked around and glanced at answers but
cannot really tell how the students in my class did. Any
insights on tests "looking bad" yet coming back okay? I
am concerned that other classes may have prepped more
specifically than I did. I tried to keep things very much
on the up and up. Just concerned that my morals will make
me look bad in the long run! Should I have a game plan if
the students do poorly....like somehting planned to
explain? Please give any advice to get me through this.
I am new to this test and this situation.


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try to relax

There is nothing you can do at this point. The kids took the test and the results will be what they will be. There's no point worrying about it. If you taught as well as you could, and if the kids are at around grade level (even if they are a little below), and if they took the test seriously, they probably did all right. Generally scores end up evening out between the teachers--sometimes that in itself is amazing.

Don't obsess. Just wait patiently for the scores. (By the way, be careful about saying you looked at answers. In my state, we're really supposed to look as little as possible at the test.)


state test

We haven't taken our test yet, but I'm already worried. I haven't covered all the material I need to cover yet and our benchmark test scores were low in the third quarter. Admin has met with our grade level. I feel like we are in a pressure cooker and I can't wait for it to just be over!

We can't even administer our tests. We give the test to another class in another grade level and another grade level teacher will administer the test to our class.

Bonnie gr. 2

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Test scores

I teach second grade. We give a standardized test but our scores are not scrutinized like they are in third and up. We also tested in the fall. When we gave those tests, I was very concerned but the kids did better than I though they would. I know that some of the kids did very well on this test and there are some kids who didn't. I can't do anything to change it now.


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results in the fall

Don't stress too much - although, I know it is hard. You can't do anything to change it. Just take the information and use it to see if there are any areas that really jump out. If there are areas that are weak across the board then you can adjust your plans next year.

In our state we don't get the results until the fall. They are all scored by hand during the summer. It is awful having to wait that long!