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Going from planning to the classroom

Classroom Management 


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I'm currently in school for Early Childhood Education and I have been told that my lesson planning and preparation is amazing, but when it comes down to teaching the lesson I have problem areas. I keep being told that I am not doing enough to keep the students thinking and using their brains, with follow up questions, activities, and keeping them on the track that I want them on. I feel like I've tried to add these things into my lessons but the actual execution does not seem to be working for me. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Engaging lessons

Have you tried to have lessons where the children are engaged and active during the lesson?
Using manipulative materials and things that the children could use or look at during the lesson might help. Do you have any technology available to use during the lesson? Having a website where the kids could come up and use your mouse or a whiteboard might also help.

Questioning is very important too and takes some practice to develop higher order thinking questions or questions that would keep the kids involved.

Good luck!


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Ugh, this is something I was consistently told during my student teaching. And it's such a FRUSTRATING thing to be told, too. My supervisor once said, "Oh, you absolutely know what you're talking about and doing, but you need to figure out how to actually DO it." Which is SO unhelpful.

Personally, I found a lot of pretty cool and relevant activities on Pinterest that my students really enjoyed. I also made best friends with my CT's supply closet. I took it apart (with her permission, of course) and studied all of her manipulatives, supplies, and items that she had in there and figured out how to incorporate these things into my lessons. I researched the technology available in my school and practiced using it so I could incorporate it into my lessons. My CT gave me access to her BrainPOP Jr account so I could show the students videos during lessons, which they loved.

In terms of follow-up questions to promote higher-order thinking, I started writing such questions directly into my lesson plans so I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to ask the students and what I wanted them to be able to know by the end. Once I really started focusing the complex and meaningful questions I was going to ask, it became much easier to keep everything on track. And at the end of my student teaching, my supervisor was so proud of how much I had improved on my execution.

I don't know if this helps you much, but these are things I did. I also asked the other teachers in my grade group for advice or suggestions, if it's possible for you to do that.


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Posting things to help you in implementing your lessons in easy to see places. For example if you have specific questions put them near where you'll be teaching so you can glance and see them.


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I think that professors will love to see you do something with technology. Even if its something that YOU think is mediocre lol. Anyway, if you have a smartboard kids will love it. They loooove to come up and use the smartboard. If you have one in your building, do your lesson in that classroom with the kids you are most comfortable with. Use that as motivation, that they will get to come up and use the pen. Other things you can do if you dont have access to such technology....Make your lesson more engaging and kinesthetic by offering opportunities for movement- like somehow twist it into a game. And motivate the children by letting them know your goal is to test them with this game. It is often a good way to close a lesson (or sometimes begin it). Use things that are tactile and visual, but not things that will make the kids go nuts.