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good baby shower gift


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We have two oh-so-pregnant ladies where I work. We are going to have a shower for them this week. It has been a bunch of years since I've had kids, so I'm going to ask those of you who have had children more recently: What did you find most useful as a shower gift? What would you have rather not had?


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you should definitely look at their registry. Most women are registered at Babies R Us.
Things I loved:
Diapers (different sizes)
Baby Bjorn baby carrier
Diaper Genie with refills


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Slightly different question- same topic!

I have a friend who just about to give birth to her 2nd child. My question is for the ladies with more than one. Are there things that a 2nd time mommy might like that would be different than the first time around? I was thinking of something for her- a gift certificate to a salon or something like that.


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I agree that looking at the register is a great idea! So many moms have different ideas about what they want and need. Some things I loved: diapers (but include something non-consumable like a play toy or socks), sleepers (the gown type because they're so easy to change diapers with on newborns), cute picture frames (engravable especially), and soft outfits (if you know the gender). For bigger items, I LOVED my Johnny jump up (or any name brand of hallway jumpers). I honestly can't say anything I didn't use - I enjoyed it all!

For NCTeacher - something I couldn't do without on my 2nd and 3rd babies, was a calendar with stickers! With the first baby, I had time to write down everything in their baby book. With the others, I kept a baby calendar above the changing table. I just added the sticker when something happened (1st crawled, ate solid food, etc...) and I went back and added the information to the baby book when I had time. It was wonderful!


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I forgot to mention in my last post - I love the salon idea! I still really enjoyed getting something for each baby, though. I didn't like feeling like the 2nd and 3rd babies were "left out" of presents just because they weren't the 1st born. I loved getting new outfits for them - and diapers! :)


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My Favorite....

My most favorite gift from coworkers was a beautiful piggy bank where everyone through some coins in. It was great because when my daughter was born we kept up with throwing coins in the piggy bank. The great thing about this gift was that it didn't matter how much people put in. (I still have no clue how much was in there). I loved the thought!

Brooke S.

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baby shower

The thing that we normally do at my school for a shower is send an envelope around with money. On my grade level of 9 people we donate $6.00 each to get a $50 gift certificate and a card. It works well and then they can buy what they would like. We don't do individual gifts at my school, but instead as a grade level. The teachers normally end up with several hundred dollars in gift cards. It's really nice for them.


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A shower idea

it's been a few years since I had babies, but one of my co-workers had one last year and this is what we did for her. At her request, we had a diaper shower. Everyone gave diapers of all sizes. She said she had diapers for months, which was wonderful. Since opening zillions of diapers wasn't all that exciting, we also did this activity. Several of us are into scrapbooking. We brought all our "toys" (scissors, punches and the like) along with baby themed papers. Each teacher then created a scrapbook page for baby Sarah-to-be. All the new mom had to do was add pictures once the baby was born. She said she really appreciated the thought and creativity that went into each page, and she now has a lasting memory of her teaching friends as well as the sweet baby. I even helped her 3 year old daughter create a page for baby sister. It was so cute to watch her choose the stickers and die-cuts so carefully for her page.


Gift Registry

Do they have gift registries? I would buy something off their registeries. This way you can be sure to buy them something they really need and like.