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good qualities for role models


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what qualities do you think are necessary in order for a person to be a good role model? i was helping my 13 year old daughter write an essay on role models and i thought it was a good topic. her role model is her social studies teacher! kind of ironic because my social studies teacher was my role model when i was thirteen! i am just curious, who were some of your role models when you were younger?


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Role Models

When I was younger, I had a few teachers who were role models. They stuck out in my mind because they were interesting, caring, and sometimes funny. My parents and older siblings were also role models because they were honest, hard working, dependable, and trustworthy. I think kids can have role models for different reasons. If there is even one thing they can relate to about that person, they might look up to them. Also, an adult who is easy to talk to draws kids in and makes them want to be around them.

That is an interesting question. I've never stopped to think about role models- I guess because there were always people in my life who I felt cared about me.


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Great Question

Charles Barkley! :) Just kidding.

This is a great question because I know that if I asked my fourth graders this question, most of them would not know. I really beleive that most of today's kids are sheltered from experiencing "kid" things. I am talking about playing outdoor games, going to high school sporting events, running around the neighborhood and such. These kids are used to plopping down in front of the television with a controller in their hands shooting and killing at 20 different levels of the newest game. How sad!

My role models as I was growing up and even to this day are my parents. Both my parents have been educators for over 30 years and now are over a decade into their administrative careers.


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A role model is a person who is living life the way you would like to live life. Parents are the logical role model for a lot of us. Teachers, coaches, scout leaders too. A good role model plays by the rules. A good role model is sensitive to the fact that he/she is being observed and copied and sets a good example.

Too bad so many of our youth consider media celebrities as role models. I think the example set by media outlets like MTV is unrealistic for most youth.

If I had a role model from the celebrity world, maybe I'd like to be like Reba MacIntyre. She has been successful and attractive for a long time. She is funny on her show! She still makes hit records too.

I like Faith Hill too, but she's TOO good looking, and I am not as crazy about her music as I am about other people's. She is successful in a lot of arenas and appears to have a good family life too.

I also admire Oprah. I like her talk show. I like all the charitable things she does. I like her personality. I like her magazine. The only thing about her that I wouldn't model is her choice to remain unmarried and childless. But I guess her mission is greater than wife and motherhood. I'd like to be able to make her money, spread goodness everywhere like she does AND have a great husband and terrific kids.