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Good Software for 1st Grade?


New Member
I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for good software for 1st Graders. I haven't been able to upgrade software for several years. My principal has told me that I can purchase some new software for my classroom. It is a hard decision when just looking at catalogs. I thought some of you might have some ideas of good software...reading, math, writing, etc. Thanks in advance.


Senior Member
Jump Start

I love all the Jump Start series. There is a Jump Start 1st grade, and a Jump Start 2nd grade (for your higher learners). The Jump Start Phonics is also really good!

Annie Holt

great resource

I use unitedstreaming videos in my first grade classroom. You have to buy a subscription it is around $100.00. You can accesss thousands of videos. Almost every tradebook you can think of is on unitedstreaming as a video.