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Goodbye Gifts



Hi I am just finishing up my first student teaching assisgnment. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for gifts that they gave their children or cooperating teacher? I really enjoyed my experience and want to get them something special.


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As a teacher...

I gave my cooperating teacher a plant when I finished my semester with her.

Now that I'm a teacher, I think I would like nice stationery, a card, or something along those lines. I would stay away from "teachery" items...We tend to have a lot of that stuff.


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Something useful

I tried to give the kids something they could use. For my second internship with third graders, I gave them all a pencil with my college name on it and a eraser. I also gave them some kind of treat like a bag of pretzels or such.

For my cooperating teacher(s) I did the same thing for my internships (with different teachers). I got them a gift certificate to a restaurant in town. This way, they could take their family out to dinner and not have to cook. I heard from both about how much they enjoyed being able to go out to dinner. Drawing a blank as to what I did for my student teaching CT...maybe it will come back to me. Apparently, my mind is the first thing to go. :eek:



With my last student teaching experience, I did a project with them that they could keep forever. I had taken a class picture with all of us in it ( I took it two diffrent days to make sure that all the students would be it one of them). I had the children make picture frames and decorate them, and then I took them and put the picture in them. I put a magnet on the back so they could put them on the frige.



I am currently student teaching and for my first assignment, I got my Master Teacher a gift certificate that was good for anywhere. For the students, I had them draw a picture and write what their favorite part of the pumpkin patch field trip was. I then had it laminated and bound so they could keep it in their class library for the rest of the year.



For my cooperating teacher, I gave her a baby magazine (she was pregnent), a case of hand sanitizer, and a nice letter thanking her for the oppurtunity to use her classroom and her students. For my students, I gave them all erasers and a a few words to thanks to each student as I handed them out. The class gave me a group hug. The speech that I gave was a bit over the top and made me teary eyed as I was addressing my favorite students.



I gave each of my mentor teachers (a total of 3 for 2 placements) Starbucks gift cards for Christmas and brought back treats from home (Hawaii) when I returned from break. They loved it. I included thank you notes with each of the gifts to tell them that I appreciated being there and one really important thing that I learned from them. I got the third graders crackers from Hawaii and an alphabet book that tells something interesting about Hawaii for each of the letters. They loved both because it was something that was about me.