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Google forms and Spelling Words

Language Arts | Writing 


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Hello PT,
Looking for ideas on how to implement the spelling words into a google classroom form aside from Spelling City.

Any ideas would be great.


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How about trying Flippity? It gives several ways to practice and will give a test with robot voice. Sometimes the voice is hard to understand but it is worth trying.


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We ended up changing things a bit

We do our tests on quizzizz. The kids are given the spelling words at the beginning of the week, and given a basic menu of ways to study the words. That part is done with Google Slides. The test on quizzizz is a cloze sentence format. They have to choose from 4 words. Two are the correct word, one spelled correctly and the other incorrectly. The other two are another of the spelling words, also one spelled correctly and one incorrectly. So our spelling test is not the kids actually spelling the words, but recognizing the correct spelling, and being able to use context clues to choose the correct word for the sentence. It isn't testing the same thing, but it seems to be working, with the scores being similar to what they would have been in the classroom. I actually kind of like it because it pushes them to really learn how the word is used and what it means, not just spelling a word for the test and then never using it again.