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got quarter?


Senior Member
i just wanted to share something nice that happened on friday.

on fridays we have cupcake day (or cookie, muffin, whatever the kids bring in) to raise money for buses for field trips. an item costs a quarter.

before i got my lunch, i ambled by the cupcake table and announced to the parent (one of my grade's) that i was just checking things out to make sure it was worth it to rummage through my desk for a quarter. she pointed out some yummy looking brownies, and i told her i'd be back.

a little gal who had just finished her transaction held out a quarter and told me i could have it. (what i find sweet about that is she wasn't one of ours, wasn't one of the grade below sucking up, and wasn't one of my siblings.) awwwww....of course i didn't take it, but thanked her profusely!