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Got the job!


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I have been my school's media specialist for the past 8 years. I cannot believe how the time has flown. It seems like you will have a lot of support through this board. I look forward to sharing ideas with you as you embark upon this new journey.


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Thanks Mysterywoman

Seems like Wiggles is a staple and must have in the library--but as I checked, of course our library does not own it...so off to other libraries to get them for now!

Let's all keep in touch, esp about first week things...We should make a wiki that we add to with ideas...I'll see if I can work on that!;)

LMS forever

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I'll join

...if you create a wiki. Sharing ideas and stress of the first year LMS and the first of the year stress would be great. Of course, there will also be lots of great ideas and first-timers funny stories to share. : )


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I'll be here!

I feel a little more at ease just knowing I'll have a couple new and experienced LMSs to talk with over the course of my year in the library. I'll check in here often!


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I'll also be a new LMS this fall. I have 12ish years of experience (mostly 4th grade) and I'll be working with K-6th grade students. (I'm a planner, and I'm starting to panic a little bit.) I'm so glad I found all of you here!

I haven't been able to be in my library for the last 2 weeks. Before that, so far, I've mostly been going through cabinets and organizing desk drawers. (There were still things stuffed in my storage cabinet from the librarian who retired something like 8 years ago. Eeek!) I've forgotten to check for the Mr. Wiggle's book (I have a bulletin board set - yay!) I don't really feel like spending over $100 for it. Fortunately, the public library system here has a copy! Borrowing a library book to use in another library. Love it!


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New Media Specialist

Congratulations to all the new LMS. I am also a new media specialist. I've been in the classroom for 18 years. Not only do I NOT have an assistant, I am in a separate building from everyone. I will be working on getting a master's degree to meet the requirements for the position. I will be checking here often for support.
Good luck to all the newbies.


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Old School

I'm in an old school. There are actually three buildings. The original building houses grades 3-5, music, gym, art, a computer lab, headstart, guidance, and other classrooms/offices. The main building houses PreK-2nd, a self-contained room, a computer lab, office, cafeteria, and other classrooms/offices. There is a breezeway between the library and cafeteria, but students usually use the sidewalk that leads from the main lobby. We get a lot of exercise.:)


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New too

I too am heading to the library after years in the classroom. Trying not to feel overwhelmed. I have lots of ideas and love all of yours but worried about organization. I get to go in tomorrow so making a list now! Oh yes--i still have to shut down my old classroom! I still have 6 hours left to take this fall to finish my LMedia. Keep the ideas coming and I would love another wiki to read!

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I did it

Teachermom7 - I took 6 hours for 6 semesters to complete my degree. The practicum (I worked one hour before school and one hour after school, plus a lot of Saturdays) was the hardest semester. Welcome to the newbie club.