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Grade 7 subbing advice needed

mme NPB

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I am subbing soon in a grade 7 french immersion class for 2 days.The teacher has told me I don't have to speak French(which is good since I can speak some but am not fluent). There will be plans but since I am not familiar with teaching this grade(mostly the younger ones) I am looking for suggestions, particularly regarding dealing with this hormonal age group! Thanks.


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You will do fine

as I would think that any child in a French immersion class is going to be motivated.
It is difficult for others to tell you how to act toward, or handle, 7th graders.
I am a big man with a cold stare and I intimidate 7th graders. I know, because the children of friends and neighbors have told me so, "Mr. H., Darius said you scare him". "Yehh, welll, Darius should be scared".*
If you are five foot two, and pleasing to look at, you will be perceived differently by the children. There is no substitute (no pun intended) for experiance. I doubt you will have much trouble with those kids. Remember, they are seventh graders and let them have a little fun. But if they become a little too out of hand, warn them twice and then kick them out. If you think it might be needed try kicking someone out in the first ten minutes. Make a "statement". But, I would be careful with that practice. Maybe just send them out in the hall for five minutes, then discuss their behavior with them. See if the teachers next door will accomodate one of your toublemakers for ten or fifteen minutes. Man, they hate to open that door and go into another regular teacher's room. I know I would. Be polite. Don't raise your voice. They can outshout you. Document everything. Think before you open your mouth.

*Five years later Darius became a prototypical "Bear Bryant of Alabama" linebacker. 6 foot two, 220 pounds; "Mobile, agile and hostile".


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As for 7th graders, they are an active group. If your class does not know who is in charge on the first day, they will make all two weeks horrible for you. I have found that the threat of calling parents after the first warning can have some positive results, but be ready to back up your threat. Once the class knows you WILL call a parent during class, the classroom management becomes stronger, and actual teaching is possible. I suggest you go over the lesson plans and try to get as many recordings of french conversations as you can. That might make teaching the subject easier on you. Good Luck!