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Graded Work


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I want to attach a paper to the graded work I send home weekly for the parents to sign and send back so I know they saw the work. Any one here do this? Can I get some help with the wording? Thanks.


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Weekly Report

I attach a weekly report to mine. It doesn't state anything about grade work. I would share it but I don't think I can add attachements yet. How many posts do you need for this?


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Here is the form I put in my Take Home Tuesday Folders.
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I have a form for my take-home folder, also. But it is at school. I do the following:

Date:____________________ Student_______________#___

Reading: ____________________ Math:____________________
Language:___________________ Spelling:__________________
Social Studies:_______________ Science:__________________

Academics: Outstanding - Very Good - Good & Improving

Good - Satisfactory - Unsatisfactory

Behavior: Outstanding - Very Good - Good & Improving

Good - Satisfactory - Unsatisfactory


Parent Signature:_________________________

Each grade is listed and I circle the academic and behavior part. I also make any comments necessary. These forms are great to have for documentation!
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Assignment sheet

We have to do a weekly assignment sheet that goes home in the Friday Folder along with graded work. The bottom portion gets signed and returned. It has the child's name, behavior report and says "your child recieved a 69% or below in the following subjects:". Then all the subjects are listed. If any papers are 69 or below, the subject gets circled. The parents signs the bottom. Under the signature it says "your signature indicates that you have seen your child's papers and behavior report."

It is a great system. A parent can never claim that they were not aware of a bad grade or of a behavior issue. This is school-wide.