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Do you all grade when you sub? I try to when it's something that is black or white as far as the answers. I always worry I'm going to upset the teacher because maybe they have a different way of marking the papers than me.


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I have the same question

I will grade papers if they ask. But, when they don't I am hesitant because everyone has their own way of grading.


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I know what you mean

I might correct spelling, put a -0, etc at the top, but with first graders i am often unsure because I don't think mirror writing is incorrect, but some might...

Pretty much I do not ever do any correcting at all. If I have any down time I am usually reading something that I have to teach next, or taking a BREAK I feel that we don't get paid enough to be doing it all. Also when the bell rings, I dismiss the kids and then leave myself ASAP, even in schools that think subs should stay an hour or more after the bell. forget that!

I do, however, always leave the room very tidy, pick up anything off of the floor, wipe down the sink area, and leave a short note for the teacher. ;-)
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I subbed for two years.. and at no time was I asked to correct papers if just there for a day.

Most teachers assume that a sub will do it incorrectly, and they will have to do it again.

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I pass on any kind of writing assignment. I don't know how each teacher grades those. If they leave an answer key I take that as a hint and grade them. I'll just put a score at the top like +10/15. Then I leave them for the teacher to see.


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try not to

there was a recent thread on this too...

i do not grade unless asked to, and it can sometimes be very difficult to try to second guess how the teacher grades.

i do what chteacher does, and i will try to alphabetize the papers if possible, but i don't touch them otherwise.